Actionable Marketing Strategy

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Strategise before Storytelling

Content creation looks deceptively easy: snap a photo, write a few words, hit post. Done – right? Not quite.

“Ad Hoc content creation is expensive, incoherent and damages brands in the long run.”

The best brands are strategic in their approach to marketing and brand storytelling. Each piece of content serves a purpose in a larger plan – usually growth. Targeted growth.

Here are some key benefits:

Knowing your audience allows you to speak directly to their deepest motivations.

There are other experts in your field. But understanding the market landscape will help you tell brand stories that clearly differentiate you from your competitors.

With so many digital channels at your disposal, it’s too easy to waste money on the wrong platform or the wrong strategy. Having a strategy keeps you focused on the priority goals and ROI opportunities.

When your content is strategic, your audiences better appreciate your services and are quicker to convert.

Our Marketing Strategy Consultancy Process

Strategise BEFORE you spend on Marketing

We take our clients through a thorough 8-11 week consultancy process. This collaborative journey ensures your genius is captured and harnessed into a plan that you are excited to execute.

We strive to understand:

  • Your business goals
  • Your marketing goals
  • Your brand identity

We work with you to understand, clarify and define your buyer:

  • what is their context / reality?
  • what are their problems / pain points?
  • what are their motivations / goals?
  • what does their journey typically look like?

We look at the closest competitors that you have identified and seek to understand:

  • what is their marketing strategy (and how effective is it)
  • what is their messaging strategy
  • what we can learn from their approach
  • how we can differentiate your brand from theirs

We dive deep into your content assets (website, downloadables, social channels, etc.) to qualitatively and quantitatively assess what’s working and opportunities for improvement. For optimal relevance, this audit is specifically framed in the context of your recently defined buyer personas and competitor landscape.

While the collaboration began with a broad goal in mind, we revisit the goals at this stage. This allows for greater focus in the marketing plan. Critically, we aim to define the key metric that matters for your business.

All the hard work we have done culminates into this “meaty” part of the plan. We help clearly articulate:

  • the core brand messages (usually 3 – 5)
  • targeted messages (by persona)
  • tactics by process and by channels
  • metrics by channel (so you stay focused on the few data points that really matter)

While there is a lot that can be done, capacity limits require us to focus on the action points that will make the most sense for your business. We help you break down strategy recommendations based on:

  • cost (execution time & money)
  • capacity realities (internal vs external)
  • cascading dependencies (what needs to be done before what)

Message direction alone is almost never enough. Based on what you you have prioritised, we help you translate messaging ideas into concrete topics for content development. These can then be turned into:

  • articles
  • videos
  • social posts
  • landing pages
  • and more

Being armed with good ideas is often not enough. Creating content is a big task in itself. We help you create a plan to efficiently bulk develop this content internally or with our help. This unburdens small business teams to focus on what they do best – sales.

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Analyse Competitors

How many competitors do you want to benchmark against?

Audit Content Assets

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(Downloadables, brochures, other collateral)
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Actionable Plan

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